The Kid Country Philosophy

Our journey of excellence begins by working in collaboration with you to determine the needs and aspirations you have for your child. We believe that a strong foundation and partnership with your family enhances your child’s capacity to be involved and learn.

The wider St Johns community plays a vital role within our learning environment. We will embrace our local community within our programme, developing relationships which create a sense of belonging and acknowledge the cultural heritage of our diverse backgrounds.

Our passionate, enthusiastic and responsive teachers will provide high quality, holistic, play-based programme that is fun, exciting and challenging, equipping your child for lifelong learning.

We implement a negotiated curriculum that extends upon children’s emerging play urges, providing children with the opportunity to learn values and develop understanding in;

  • Language and communication
  • Skills of inquiry, thinking and reasoning
  • Confidence, independence and self-help skills
  • Caring, reflective and principled behaviour
  • Being open-minded, well balanced and knowledgeable

Our aim is to provide opportunities for every child to have the freedom to learn and grow at their own pace alongside peers and teachers.

The living and learning that happens through play offers each child their best chance for health, happiness and success in education and living both now and in the future.